A new ORP measuring instrument automatic measuring instrument

March 30, 2021

FJA-3 type, FJA-4 type microcomputerized automatic depolarization method oxidation reduction potential measurement system (high integration), all of which are automatically controlled, measured, and processed.

The main functions are:

1. Automatically control the polarization time;

2. Automatically control the depolarization time;

3. Automatically collect data;

4, automatic replacement of polarity;

5, automatic temperature compensation calomel electrode potential;

6, automatic data processing;

7, and automatically draw the curve and automatically save the results.

It not only improves the measurement accuracy, but also improves work efficiency and labor intensity. Microcomputerized fully automatic depolarization method Oxidation reduction potential measurement system is composed of electrode part (platinum electrode, saturated calomel electrode, silver-silver chloride electrode and temperature sensor), small hardware components (hereinafter referred to as instrument), PC (or Portable machine) and application software. It can be used indoors or in the field. It can be used for single measurement or for cyclic data acquisition. Provide a new instrument for measuring Eh

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