Beijing plans to help 20 SMEs to be listed and funded this year

April 06, 2021

Beijing plans to help 20 listed SMEs in 2007. On April 3rd, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange signed the "Memorandum of Support for SMEs' Listing and Financing Cooperation."
The newly-signed "Memorandum" clearly states that both parties will strengthen cooperation in the areas of information exchange, promotion of issuing and listing cultivation systems, strengthening personnel exchanges and mutual visits, and establishing a cooperation and exchange mechanism that facilitates communication and coordination. According to Guo Junfeng, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Division of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, in 2007, it will strive to achieve the goal of training 1,000, focusing on nurturing 200, restructuring 100, and listing 20 SMEs.
It is understood that the rapid development of SMEs in Beijing in recent years has become an important force to promote economic and social development in Beijing. Statistics show that there are about 300,000 SMEs in Beijing, accounting for more than 99% of the total number of enterprises in the city. The main business income of SMEs accounts for about 64% of the city's enterprises, employees account for about 81% of the city's enterprises, and the total amount of taxable accounts for about 60% of the city's enterprises. The number of scientific and technical personnel accounts for about 89% of all corporate science and technology personnel. At the same time, SMEs in Beijing are also faced with issues such as difficulties in financing, imperfect service systems, weak self-innovation capabilities, and need to improve their core competitiveness.
In response to the bottleneck problem of financing difficulties for SMEs, Beijing proposed the idea of ​​building a multi-level financing service system for SMEs. For start-up SMEs, establish venture capital guiding funds and focus on solving equity financing issues; targeting mature SMEs, setting up financing service platforms, focusing on solving credit financing issues; targeting mature SMEs, building a listing and listing system, and focusing on solutions Domestic and foreign capital market direct financing issues.
It is reported that Beijing’s Zhongguancun Park has issued relevant policies to provide financial subsidies for the restructuring of the park’s enterprises.
As of March 31, 2007, there were 123 listed companies in Shenzhen SMEs, with a total financing of 34.89 billion yuan. Among them, there are 4 listed companies in Beijing with a financing amount of 1.08 billion yuan.

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