Biofertilizers: Extension of the market focuses on three tasks

April 09, 2021

Since the birth of bio-fertilizers, market sales have not been as good as traditional fertilizers, and some agricultural capital companies have even experienced a large backlog of conditions. Through investigation, the author found that the reason why the biofertilizer market is not satisfactory is that the farmers have not really understood, produced and sold enterprises' ineffective guidance on the application methods, and the products did not address the real needs of farmers. Therefore, the author believes that to exploit the biofertilizer market, we must do a good job in three areas.

First of all, production and sales companies should change the traditional marketing concepts that are waiting for customers to come in and make full use of the most direct and convenient forms, such as rural temple fairs, market fairs, science and technology to the countryside, and popular science columns, and actively and actively spread the knowledge of biological fertilizers to farmers. Help farmers to correctly understand biological fertilizers from their ideological viewpoints, so as to accept biological fertilizers.

Secondly, from the investigation, at present, when farmers purchase biological fertilizers, most of them do not understand their performance, composition, and application methods. Instead, they blindly buy them under herd mentality. Therefore, it is particularly important to recommend the most suitable biofertilizers for local farmers to farmers. They should not be subjectively inferred, but should be targeted for recommendations. It is necessary to carefully understand the characteristics of the local soil, the types of crops, and the real needs of the farmers so that they can recommend genuinely needed biological fertilizers for farmers. It is recommended that production and sales companies often go deep into the countryside to understand the real needs of farmers in the field. This is very important for effectively expanding the biofertilizer market.

Third, at present, farmers in many areas of China still rely on estimates or experience in fertilization, especially for the relatively low requirements of bio-fertilizer. The improper application method also makes it difficult for bio-fertilizers to exert their special properties, thereby affecting fertilizer efficiency. As a result, farmers have doubts about the efficacy of biological fertilizers. Therefore, production and sales companies must correctly guide farmers to master the scientific application methods of biological fertilizers. Farmers will use it, and they will use it. There will be a market for biological fertilizer.

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