Bus installed engine automatic fire extinguishing device

March 24, 2019

Bus installed engine automatic fire extinguishing device Recently, the Changyun Group invested more than 300,000 yuan and installed automatic engine compartment fire extinguishing devices for more than 200 passenger vehicles. This will effectively prevent passenger vehicles from causing spontaneous combustion.

The automatic fire extinguishing device for vehicles installed this time is the FZXA0.5/ZCM pulsed superfine dry powder type. Each fire extinguisher is filled with 1 kg of ultra-fine dry powder. According to the model, 3-4 engines are installed in each engine compartment. When the temperature inside the engine compartment reaches 170 degrees or an open flame occurs, the fire extinguishing device is triggered to automatically detonate, and the pulsed ultra-fine dry powder is fired in a radial manner. The fire will be extinguished in the initial stage, and the debris after the explosion will not cause damage to the vehicle. The product is underwritten by China People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. The quality is valid for 4 years.

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