Changzhou Chengfeng shares with you - common faults in electromagnetic flowmeter service

October 18, 2019

Changzhou Chengfeng electromagnetic flowmeter, the domestic high-end flow meter brand, to meet customer needs first, quality first, allowing customers to use the rest assured. Electromagnetic flowmeters have relatively high stability and generally have very few failures. However, due to changes in environmental conditions or limitations of installation conditions, problems or failures may occur. They should be resolved or avoided. They are mainly manifested in the following situations: :

1. The flow rate of the measured water is too low, which affects the accuracy of the measurement. In particular, the electromagnetic flowmeters installed at the boundary of some areas are at the end of the regional company's pipe network, and the flow rate is too low due to the small pressure difference. The solution is to open the valves on both sides of the boundary as much as possible.

2. The installation condition of the flowmeter is not satisfied. The electromagnetic flowmeter has a higher requirement for the straight pipe section of the pipeline. It can be satisfied as much as possible during the design of the new waterworks, but the above conditions become almost the same for the old waterworks transformation or installation. harsh. This affects the measurement stability. The solution is to install a rectifier to improve the flow characteristics.

3. The surface of the sensor electrode of the electromagnetic flowmeter installed in the raw water pipeline is contaminated by silt deposits and affects the measurement. The solution is to use the correct electrode and perform regular maintenance and cleaning.

4. There is gas in the pipeline water, which causes the fluctuation of the electromagnetic flowmeter to greatly affect the stability. The solution is to find the source of the gas and solve it, if necessary, install an exhaust valve in the pipeline.

5. The accumulation of foreign matter in the inlet pipe of the electromagnetic flowmeter causes a sudden change in the flow characteristics of the measured water body, which affects the accuracy of the measurement and causes a large error. The solution is to remove foreign matter that has accumulated in the pipeline in time.

6. Lightning strikes cause the converter of the electromagnetic flowmeter to be damaged so that it cannot be measured. The solution is to install corresponding lightning arresters on the converter signal input end, excitation current input end, and working power end.

Breaking the routine, meeting more customer requirements, and tailoring all kinds of non-standard model flow meters for customers, this is a capability and an attitude. It is our attitude to allow customers to buy products that are satisfying and provide them with perfect service. Changzhou Chengfeng flow meter, a trustworthy good product.

KY-PET/FR expandable braided sleeving

Product introduce:

KY-PET/FR expandable braided sleeving is braided by halogen-free  environmental PET monofilament, Braided sleeve with good flame retardancy, heat insulation properties, scalability, Woven casing, woven mesh Tube , wire and cable woven Sleeve can satisfy the request of various industrial fields on abrasion resistance, especially its unique weaving structure can be expanded to 1.5 times larger than the original diameter size, suitable for package wiring harness, ensure its smoothly go through the huge volume connector.

The product application:

Black and gray:  widely used in computer power cord, wire harness, rubber hose, wire processing and other industries, have the protection and beautification effect.

Colorized:  suitable for computer electric supply wire, A/V the power cord, audio video wire, HDMI wire, etc. Have the effects of protection and beautification.

 Pattern color: is advantageous to promote and identify the trademark and brand image.

Technical parameters:

1, Material quality: PET polyester

2, Working temperature: - 50 ℃ to 125 ℃

3, Melting point: 240 + 10 ℃

4, Level of flame retardant: VW - 1

5, Standard color: black, gray, color

6, Cutting tools: keen knife

Expandable Braided Sleeve

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