Chemical engineering and construction industry entering the golden period

March 24, 2021

In recent years, as many global chemical projects have been launched, especially the construction of large-scale petrochemical projects in China and the Middle East, and a large number of transformation projects carried out by chemical companies to improve energy efficiency, they have provided enormous benefits to international E&C (engineering and construction) companies. Develop opportunities. Compared with the past, the chemical projects currently launched are mainly from the petrochemical, plastics and pharmaceutical industries, and they are all relatively large. According to the forecast of the person in charge of the world-famous E&C company, Foster Wheeler, the global E&C market began to rise in 2004 and it is expected that this trend will continue until 2008.

Despite the enormous pressure of rising costs, most E&C companies have achieved better earnings performance in 2005 and are still optimistic about the market this year.

The world-famous E&C company Technip stated that in 2005 the company became the global leader in the LNG and ethylene engineering market, and also consolidated its leading position in deepwater oil and gas, refining and hydrogen production engineering. In 2005, the company’s contract value was 11.2 billion euros, and its revenue increased by 4.6% from the same period last year to 5.4 billion euros. Its major contracts included the world-class cracking projects of Saudi Basic Industries, and Dow Chemical and Kuwait Petrochemical Industry Corporation. Petrochemical joint venture projects in Kuwait.

Germany's Lurgi, another major engineering group in the world, also stated that in 2005 the company’s order receipt volume increased significantly, with a total value of more than 700 million euros. It is adopting a series of restructuring plans, optimization of construction processes, and focusing on core technologies. After projects and other measures, the company's profitability has been strengthened. Lurgi has positioned its development strategy to provide industries with technologies based on crude oil substitutes, including natural gas, coal, and renewable energy. In the future, the company's key technologies include methanol to propylene (MTP) technology, coal gasification technology, and many more. Gasification (MPG) technology, biodiesel and bioethanol technologies. At present, the company is embarking on projects including propane dehydrogenation and CO plant projects in Saudi Arabia and MTP projects in China.

As the world's leading air separation plant supplier, Linde Engineering also ranks among the top three suppliers of olefins, syngas and natural gas devices worldwide. In 2005, the company’s sales revenue reached 1.6 billion euros, operating profit increased significantly to 89 million euros, and the profit rate reached 5.8%, which is the industry's highest level of profitability. It is reported that orders from the Middle East for air separation, hydrogen production, and olefin plant orders accounted for the majority of orders received by the company in the same period. In addition, the company also contracted 1 million tons of ethylene and 500,000 tons of Dushanzi in Xinjiang, China. Propylene Cone Project.

In addition, the orders and operating revenues of petrochemical projects in the E&C giants of Norway AK Corporation, U.S. Fluor, Shaw Group and Washington International Group in 2005 and the first quarter of this year have all achieved substantial growth. These projects are mainly From the Middle East and China, India, Russia and other regions.

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