Correct maintenance method for automobile tires

October 16, 2019

Car tires are an irreplaceable role for cars. Many high-speed traffic accidents are caused by car punctures. If there is a problem with car tires, it will pose a great threat to people who drive cars. We must understand Some common sense of tire maintenance, the following Beimai network Xiaobian will give you a detailed explanation of the correct maintenance methods of car tires , I hope to help everyone.


First, the tire pressure check must be carried out monthly:

Under-pressure and over-pressure of the tire will cause abnormal tire wear, shorten the life of the tire, increase fuel consumption and even increase the chance of puncture. Tire experts recommend that we check the tire pressure once a month to ensure that the tire pressure is normal.

The tire pressure check must be performed while the tire is in a cool state. The tire pressure can be checked using a tire pressure gauge or a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The standard tire pressure of the vehicle under various load conditions is listed in the vehicle manual. At the same time, this parameter will also be listed on the label on the driver's door.

The standard tire pressure of tires is about 2.2~2.6bar. Excessive tire pressure tends to increase tire wear and may cause puncture, while too low will increase fuel consumption and vehicle bumpiness. In general, the tire pressure in summer can be slightly lower, and the winter can be slightly higher.

Second, always pay attention to the wear mark of the tire:


The wear marks of the tires are located in the main drainage channels of the tires and are rubber bosses with a trapezoidal cross section. When the tread pattern wears out to be flush with the wear mark, the tire must be replaced. In the rainy season, in order to prevent the vehicle from slipping on the accumulated road surface, the tread depth must be kept above 3 mm.

Third, the tire also has a shelf life:


Tires are rubber products, so rubber aging can also occur. The shelf life of tire rubber is generally 4-5 years. Tire rubber accelerates aging after the shelf life and results in a decrease in tire performance.

For example, "9MCR0810" is the tire production date code. Among them, the last four "0810" indicates that this tire is the product produced in the "8" week of "10" year.

Fourth, pay attention to four-wheel shift:


If the vehicle has problems such as deviation, steering wheel sinking and one-sided wear on the vehicle, these phenomena are reminding the owner to immediately adjust the vehicle to four wheels. Because of the steering wheel, the front wheel wears faster than the rear wheel. To extend the service life of the tire, the tires are periodically changed, so that the tires wear evenly. Auto repair experts recommend that the front-wheel drive vehicles do a four-wheel shift every 8,000 km.

Through the introduction of Xiaobian, everyone knows the correct maintenance method for car tires. Do you understand the care of the tires when you are caring for the car, check it regularly, prepare a proper spare tire, and prevent accidents? In the case, at the same time, we must master the necessary change process. If the tires in a place where the front of the village is not in front of the village is broken, it will be dumbfounded if it is not installed.

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