Domestic CNC system CPU is replacing imported

March 24, 2019

Domestic CNC system CPU is replacing imported CNC system is the "brain" of CNC machine tools, and the hardware and software platforms such as CPU, CNC system control board based on CPU chip, operating system, and numerical control system field bus are the basic platforms of the CNC system and are the key to determine the "brain" performance. part. At present, the domestically-manufactured digital control system CPU is monopolized by foreign products. Therefore, the purchase of equipment, the upgrading of application software, and the integration of numerical control complete sets of equipment are subject to foreign companies, which seriously restricts the improvement of the performance and reliability of domestic high-end numerical control systems.

In order to place purely CNC machine tools on the "Chinese brain," the Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has undertaken high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment for national science and technology major projects based on domestically produced Godson CPU chips. Numerous topics such as numerical control devices and open CNC systems support the construction of technological innovation platforms, successfully solved the problem of open CNC systems based on domestic micro-processing chips and field buses, and made the installation of “Chinese brains” in domestic CNC machine tools no longer a dream.

From lead to lead

The long-term control of the CNC system is a shortcoming of the Chinese CNC machine tool industry. Through research, Shenyang Institute of Computing successfully established a unified hardware abstraction layer concept and a cross-platform unified communication modeling method and communication mechanism, developed a cross-platform compilation and operation technology of the Godson platform for numerical control software, and a multi-platform compilation technology based on automatic configuration.

In order to decouple the numerical control software from the system hardware platform and software platform, and further cross-platform, Shenyang Computing has proposed the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) concept of a unified hardware abstraction layer. HAL hardware abstraction layer hides the hardware interface details of different CNC hardware platforms, provides a standard and stable virtual hardware platform for the upper-level system, and makes the NC system software have hardware-independent features, so as to achieve cross-platform on multiple platforms. The purpose of transplantation is to further ensure the system's scalability and scalability. At the same time, in order to realize the cross-platform communication between different modules of the CNC system, Shenyang Computing has designed the Loongson high-end CNC hardware platform, which greatly improves the platform's computing capacity by increasing the number of processors/controllers in the system.

Different users' needs for high- and mid-range CNC systems are different. The abstraction layer used by Shenyang Computing masks the differences between the operating system call interfaces; the multi-platform compilation technology is used to resolve the cross-hardware platform compatibility of CNC software; and the unified communication library is used to implement the NC software modules. Cross-platform communication and other key technologies ensure that the NC software is designed once and can be seamlessly compiled and run on different hardware platforms such as x86, Godson, ARM, and different operating systems. In the NC system software design process, the Shenyang Institute of Computing will encapsulate the hardware-related code into a hardware abstraction layer to separate the hardware platform feature code from the software function code.

From innovative technologies to batch applications

The project not only solved the cross-platform technology based on the domestic Loongson processor, but also developed key technologies such as multi-channel multi-axis linkage and compound machining control, high-speed program preprocessing, intelligent fault diagnosis and remote monitoring, and digital control bus protocol, and formulated the domestic first With independent intellectual property rights CNC bus technology national standards.

The blue sky numerical control system based on the domestic Godson processor chip is an important product that the subject reproduces. Its successful development has significantly improved the degree of autonomy and industrialization of CNC equipment in China.

Blue Sky CNC system adopts domestic Godson processor chip and proprietary field bus, can expand a variety of bus and sensor interfaces, function and performance to the advanced level of the international high-end numerical control system, but compared with similar foreign users, the cost of use is greatly reduced, can be widely It has been applied in the fields of machine tools, automated production lines, flexible manufacturing, etc., and achieved the batch application of autonomous and controllable software and hardware platforms in industrial control, further improving the competitiveness and autonomous controllability of domestic equipment manufacturing.

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