Experts: Coal will still be China's main energy source in the next 50 years

April 07, 2021

On July 12, China's first science and technology park featuring energy and security - "Zhongguancun Energy and Security Science and Technology Park" and "China University of Mining and Technology Students Pioneering Park" held an unveiling ceremony, marking China's first energy source. The construction of a safety science and technology park was officially launched. Wu Qidi, deputy director of the Ministry of Education, Liang Jiayu, deputy director of the State Administration of Production Safety Supervision, Party Secretary of the China Coal Industry Association and chairman of the China Coal Society Si Hongjiu, and Wang Shuhe, deputy director of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, unveiled the Science Park and Pioneering Park.
The newly established "Zhongguancun Energy and Security Science and Technology Park"
The cum "City of China University of Mining for Overseas Students Pioneering Park" will rely on China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)'s advantages in talents and disciplines, and strictly follow the construction ideas and requirements of the National University Science Park, Beijing Hi-tech Park and Zhongguancun Science Park to build national energy resources. , Beijing’s economic development and social development demand-oriented, adhere to the “scientific planning, reasonable layout, overall arrangements, coordinated development”, take the path of characteristic development, and continuously strengthen the research and development, radiation and incubation functions of science and technology parks, and promote the transformation and aggregation of scientific and technological achievements. High-quality energy and safety technology talents, and strive to build science and technology parks and business parks into domestic first-class science and technology parks and overseas student entrepreneurship parks with energy and safety characteristics in 3 years, so that the venture parks will become energy solutions and safe production enterprises. The bases for major theories and practical problems in Beijing and regional economic construction have become bases for the transformation and industrialization of energy and security scientific and technological achievements, and have become the entrepreneurial base for returned overseas students in the field of energy and security disciplines. At the same time, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) will combine scientific research and personnel training to encourage teachers and students to start business in science and technology parks, establish student practice bases in the park, and include entrepreneurship education in science parks into school research-oriented undergraduate education and open graduate education system. This will enable the Science and Technology Park to play an active role in cultivating talents for energy and safety.
At present, with the sustained economic and social development of our country, the country’s demand for energy continues to increase. As China's main energy source, coal has a very important strategic position in the national economy. Experts predict that coal will continue to be China's main energy source for the next 50 years. In order to ensure the national energy security, the coal industry must realize the goal of resource-saving, environment-friendly, and take the path of new industrialization during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period. We must vigorously develop coal technology, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly improve the safe mining of coal resources. The level of use with cleanliness. The establishment of an energy and security science and technology park, the establishment of a technology research and development platform, and the transformation of energy science and technology achievements are conducive to the promotion of China's coal industry and energy industry to achieve economic development, clean development, safe development, and sustainable development.
The China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), which is the "Zhongguancun Energy and Safety Science and Technology Park" as its support unit, has been aiming to build a "multi-disciplinary, research-based, and open-ended high-level university" in recent years. It has always insisted on the characteristics of energy, especially coal and safety engineering. Taking the path of characteristic development and excellent development, we have made considerable progress in personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction, and infrastructure construction. There are 3 professors in the school as the head of the State Council’s Special Major Accident Investigation Experts Group, 3 professors who are the chief experts in the national “653” project coal industry, and 4 professors who are also the heads of the expert group of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau. The school continuously strengthens basic and innovative research, pays attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, actively integrates into national economic construction, integrates into the coal industry, national security supervision, and local economic development, gradually forming its own advantages and characteristics, and gradually building knowledge innovation and technological innovation. The innovation platform system is mainly composed of three types of platforms for achievement transformation and public services. It has a national key laboratory, a national engineering research center, a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, and a Beijing key laboratory. Last year it was approved to build a subject platform for “coal resource exploitation and clean utilization”. The main indicators reflecting school science and technology work, such as award-winning results, major project funding, and per capita research funding, rank among the top universities in China. Since the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, the school has successively undertaken 175 state-level science and technology projects, the theory and key technologies of green mining, coal mine safety engineering theory and technology, deep processing of coal and efficient clean technology, evaluation of coalbed methane resources, and underground underground engineering. Its disaster protection and other aspects have achieved a large number of high-level innovative research results, and have won 13 national scientific and technological achievements, and 136 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. A number of important scientific research projects such as the research of top coal caving technology, lignite forming technology, coal slurry transportation technology, and industrial briquette have achieved initial industrialization and have achieved good economic and social benefits.

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