GHP gas heat pump air conditioning distributed control and energy metering system "award

April 10, 2021

Recently, according to the Dalian Science and Technology Award Measures, GHP gas heat pump air-conditioning distributed control and energy metering system was appraised and approved by the Judicial Committee of Dalian Science and Technology Award and independently developed by Sanyo Refrigeration. It won the title of "2006 Dalian Science and Technology Progress third prize.

Dalian Science and Technology Progress Award in 2006 to participate in the development of participating projects include agriculture, forestry, fisheries, light industry, textile, chemical, environmental protection, electrical and mechanical integration, electronics and communications, instrumentation, computer and automation control category, ; The final respondent project mainly from universities, research institutes, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, joint ventures and private enterprises and other recommended projects selected. Nearly 90 experts were organized to review, disciplinary (professional) group review, Beijing and Shanghai experts off-site assessment and review committee final review, a total of 137 awards, of which 20 were technology invention awards, 117 awards for science and technology progress.

Laser cleaning is the process of using laser to removing contaminants, such as rust, oil, oxides, etc., on steel and other surfaces Laser cleaning is achieved through laser ablation. It allows the selective removal of the contaminants with little impact on the substrate. Why we need a Laser Cleaning Machine ?

Compared with old method  such as dry-ice blasting, media blasting or cleaning using chemical solvents, we can remove many unwanted side effects by using laser cleaner. For example. if you use chemical solvents, it will produce a high amount of waste during process. if you use dry-ice blasting,  the process will be very noisy and not efficient.  Laser cleaning is a non-contact and non-abrasive process. It using laser light to blasts off the material from the surface layer. The process can be repeat , finishing surface is very clear. laser cleaning has same even better result compared with traditional method but the way in which the actual operation is completed is what makes laser cleaning different. Safer and more environmentally friendly

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