Hand-held meteorological stations have made agricultural weather elusive

October 23, 2019

Agriculture is a production activity under natural conditions. Therefore, agricultural meteorology has a great impact on the production of crops. For agricultural meteorology, we cannot change it. However, what we can change is to increase agricultural production to cope with natural disasters. Capacity is achieved through the use of hand-held meteorological stations to strengthen the monitoring of agro-meteorological environments, study the temporal and spatial distribution of these agricultural natural resources and agricultural natural disasters, and make arrangements for agricultural zoning and planning, rational distribution of crops, and manual regulation of microclimates and crops. The cultivation and management provide the basis.

Hand-held weather station

In the past, when we talked about agriculture, it was often said that we would “look at the heavens.” When natural disasters came, the agriculture sector was relatively weak. Now, with the development of science and technology, the technology in agricultural weather monitoring has gradually matured, using handhelds. The meteorological station can quickly obtain current agricultural meteorological information, and can also carry out long-term agricultural meteorological monitoring. These accumulated agricultural meteorological monitoring data can become the basis for us to rationally use climate resources and avoid adverse weather factors, and then take appropriate measures. Agricultural measures, promote agricultural production, reduce costs, and increase economic efficiency.
In the past, we said that the weather was unpredictable and unpredictable, but with the application of science and technology and the continuous deepening of meteorological research, people have gained more and more initiatives, as well as in the agricultural field, the application of handheld weather stations, Let us know more clearly the changes in agricultural meteorology and use it to carry out agrometeorological forecasting and intelligence services. Unpredictable agrometeorology has become elusive in the past, and these have accumulated as the scope of application of handheld meteorological stations has expanded. The monitoring data has made it possible to increase the time span and area span that can be solved. This has greatly improved the ability of disaster prevention and reduction and the use of nature in agriculture. Therefore, today's technology is changing rapidly and rapidly. Today, we should not exclude these new types of scientific instruments from hand-held weather stations. Instead, we should use these instruments to serve us. We must change the way that agriculture used to rely on heaven to eat or lean for heaven. The traditional look of eating.

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