How does a novice driver get on the road for the first time?

October 20, 2019

A friend who just got a driver's license asked: How to put the clutch? The car does not shake?

You adjust the seat when you get in the car and adjust the seat to the right position. It's generally easy to step the clutch down. If you feel like you can't finish the clutch, you can try to adjust the seat closer, but it will take longer. Tired and slowly let go of the car. When the car is stable, it slowly lifts the clutch, and it is too quick to put it out. It is easy to extinguish the fire.

The process of stepping on and off has a process of cognition and perception, that is, practice makes perfect, but there is still some skill in the beginning. When you step on the clutch, you must be agile and kick in the end. The key is to pay attention to a "quick-slow-quick" process during the separation and separation period. The beginning of learning can be a "slow-stop-slow" course of action. Of course, when you first start learning the car, the best way to be the most stupid and useful is to slow down and slow down. As long as everything is slow, there is no problem. A bit of looseness, loosening and loosening, this is the key to learning the car. In particular, driving school coaches, the general speed adjustment are relatively high, probably around 1200 rpm, clutch loose too fast, the car is difficult to control. As long as you learn to slow motion, you can gradually grasp the use of the clutch from the slow.

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