"Liuzhou Automobile Balong - Shangchai Power" new product recommendation meeting was held at Shangchai

March 31, 2021

On September 16th, Shangchai Company and Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. held a product promotion meeting of “Bailong with Chai, I wish you a fortune” at the showroom of Shangchai Company. Liuzhou Automobile Sales attended the product promotion meeting. Zhou Qinghu, deputy general manager of the company, Yang Jianjun, deputy general manager of Shangchai Company, and relevant leaders of Shangchai Auto & Motor Company, logistics company, and transportation company.

More than 100 dealers and users from all over the country attended the promotion. At the meeting, the participating parties respectively introduced the development history, R&D capabilities, new product development and product selling points of their respective companies, and highlighted a new product produced from Dongfeng Liuzhou Gas and equipped with Shangchai Power - Palong Heavy Truck, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. The fuel-saving efficiency of the 6C series and the robustness of the Liuzhou heavy truck are powerful alliances that will provide China's heavy-duty truck users with a consistent and rich new choice.

Participants expressed their recognition for the new products they launched. I believe that soon they will experience the joy of the Pa Lung heavy trucks with the diesel power!

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   Custom 250cc for police
the police play a fundamental role in the streets. their bikes must be visible, imposing yet agile and quick. this cruiser 250 cc is the best balance to assure all of these features! its american-style design is reminiscent of the good old "california chips" of the 70s; this is the only part of the bike that is dedicated to fashion. the rest is a complete, fully equipped, highly functional machine ready to duly represent the authorites on the road.
the fuel tank is designed to provide long range ability thanks to its exceptional 20 lit capacity. the wide and distinctive front cowl protects the rider against wind and the elements, thus giving a top standing image. the seat height is conveniently set at 700mm, to provide optimal control of this massive bike.the big size wheels provide radial tires and display beautifully designed, thin, spoke-like rims in cast alloy.
the overall volume is very important, thanks to the standard two side containers and top box, in perfect function. and many other special features are provided to grant the police functions of this machine, such as a special horn, a strobe lamp, additional led flashers on the guard bar and the front fairing, led head and tail lights. a special " high-end' version also incldes ABS braking system, a speaker, a USB port, a data recording system (GPS) and a fully integrated communication system for the rider's helmet.

Police Vehicle

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