New car maintenance is important event

March 24, 2019

New car maintenance is a big deal. Cars, just like their children, must be cared for in earnest. They give you the convenience and safety of travel, and they can also extend the life of your car.

Always understand your partner's "physical condition"

The first step in maintaining your car is to get acquainted with all the information on the car, including manuals, new car conditions, and more. For the basic operation and maintenance of the new car, the owner must be familiar from the beginning, such as engine type, various parts capacity, spark plug specifications, tire pressure under various load conditions, tightening torque of various screws, etc. Traffic inspection items and methods as well as contingency methods for emergency situations are even more common sense. The second is to understand the status of their new car, many people will think that the new car does not need to check, this is wrong, the new car need to pay attention to the condition of the car, whether abnormal sound when driving, chassis screws are locked, in addition to Qingdao primal car fast repair The staff also told the reporter that at this time, the tire pressure of the car is also a matter of concern. Whether the tire pressure is normal affects the grip of the vehicle and the comfort of driving. These need to be noticed when the new car starts driving, otherwise it will be negligent. If you can't make up for it, you'll regret it.

The first time the new car paint surface maintenance is necessary to completely new car paint no aging and other issues, it is generally believed that the new car paint does not require in-depth maintenance, in fact, the new car paint surface has been exposed from the factory to a variety of erosion and damage, the first maintenance It is particularly important that the first car body maintenance and waxing is often the quality assurance of car maintenance in the future. If the maintenance is not good, many problems will arise in the future. Only from the very beginning can it be properly and carefully maintained that the car will remain young. Car wash must not be sloppy, or improper cleaning will damage the outer part of the light oil, you should go to the clean hand-washing room, use a special detergent to completely remove the car surface, if necessary, you can do the seal glaze, the reporter from The Qingdao Meiyingwang Automobile Beauty Center learned that the normally sealed and glazed car does not need to be waxed within one year. Just clean it with water and dry it with a clean suede cloth, and protect it against oxidation and UV rays. Paint will not fade.

5000 km maintenance is the most important

The Qingdao Oil Monkey Auto Service staff told reporters that the maintenance of the new car is the most important when driving to 5,000 kilometers. In the early stage of the new car, the 4S shop generally has free maintenance, and the technical staff often reminds and guides. When the car is driven to 5,000 kilometers, it is an important maintenance phase. Apart from daily inspections and maintenance, it is also necessary to pay attention to replacing the engine oil, oil filter, and cleaning the air filter. In winter, pay attention to the antifreeze. Liquid level and freezing point, check the brake system for oil leakage, whether the friction plate is within the specified thickness, check the belt wear of the engine, if necessary, adjust the belt tension, etc., and then need to conduct a comprehensive inspection again. After the maintenance, your car will enter a new state, it will bring you a new feeling.

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