Ningbo Science Research Project was included in the National 863 Program

March 26, 2019

For the Ningbo people, the oysters are delicious, but for the fishermen, it is the "invisible killer" of the ship, often attached to the bottom of the ship, the more attached, the more shovel. Now, these inexhaustible "invisible killers" finally met the "buster." A research project of the City of China and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Environmentally Friendly Anti-Sea Bio-adhesive Coating Materials and Application Demonstration" was included in the National 863 Program and officially started production yesterday. This project will put "armor" on the fishing boat, and it is difficult for oysters and barnacles to settle down at the bottom of the boat.

Amazing loss of marine life attached to the bottom of the ship
It is reported that the most troublesome thing for the ship's boss before going out to sea is to make great efforts to eradicate marine organisms such as oysters and barnacles attached to the bottom of the ship, or else it will affect the speed of the ship. In this way, the shovel is at least 2 times a year, but the bottom of the boat will be thinner and thinner. The most fear is to shovel the bottom of the boat.
How to prevent marine attachment organisms without polluting the marine environment has always been a headache for scientists from all over the world. “There are more than 4,000 kinds of fouling organisms in the ocean. In severe cases, one square meter at the bottom of the ship will absorb 80 kilograms of living things.” Zhao Ning, a doctor at the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters yesterday that in the case of a 25,000-ton ship 5% of biofouling requires 17% of energy consumption. Marine life not only increases the fuel consumption of the ship, but also causes the ship sensor to fail and block the mesh of the culture cage. "The annual loss of marine corrosion in China is 100 billion yuan, 39% of which is caused by biofouling."
In addition, marine organisms attached to the bottom of the ship will also damage the paint film, accelerate the corrosion of the steel plate, increase the number of maintenance and time of the ship, and reduce the ship's current flight rate.
Zhao Ning said that some fishermen were plagued by the fact that they even used the earth method to add “DDT” (a kind of pesticide) to the paint and brush it on the boat. This prevents marine organisms from attaching, but DDT is toxic, causing many “innocent” marine organisms to suffer, and polluting the seawater environment, and ultimately it is human beings.
Although since 2002, China has begun to restrict the use of "DDT" for any purpose, it has not been completely eradicated.

New technology puts "armor" on the bottom of the ship
Dr. Zhao Ning said that to date, coating marine antifouling coatings is still the most economical and effective measure to prevent marine organisms from attaching. The project “Environmentally Friendly Anti-Marine Bio-Adhesive Coating Material” is a breakthrough in the macro-stable preparation technology of nano-copper oxide and the uniform dispersion technology in the coating system.
At present, including foreign copper oxide marine coatings, there are problems of large particles and a loss rate of up to 30%. After nano-oxidation of copper oxide, it is incorporated into the paint like a powder, the loss rate is only 15%, and the price will also drop. More than 20%, the service life is more than 5 years. Brushing this new paint is like putting a "armor" on the boat. The attached creatures such as oysters and barnacles will not come home.
Chen Huixue, executive director of Ningbo Haiteng New Materials Co., Ltd., said that they have tested the coating on the seaborne board test platform. An A4 paper-sized iron plate has been painted in the sea and has been hung in the sea for more than a year. It has just been pulled up and seen, and there are no attached organisms.
"The crux of the fishermen who refuse to use low-toxic and harmless anti-fouling paints now is the cost. The price of imported goods is 90 yuan to 110 yuan per kilogram. This is too expensive for fishermen. The paint containing DDT is only 40 yuan/kg. Chen Huixue said that the project has received support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and plans to pass the acceptance test in 2016. The goal is to lower the cost of environmentally friendly antifouling paint by 20%, so that ordinary fishermen are willing to use it.

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