Prevention of excessive tire pressure in suction trucks during the summer

March 27, 2019

Great internal suction truck tire overheating, thermal expansion causes the gas increases tire pressure, tire pressure remains higher than the sprinkler although reduced rolling resistance, but the portion of the tread ground contact decreases accordingly - only fetal In the central part of the crown, the grounding area is reduced, and at the same time the central crown wear phenomenon occurs, affecting the grip performance of the sprinkler truck tires and even affecting the safety performance of the sprinkler truck. And tire pressure increases, the tread tension also increases, easily affected by external forces when the impact of trauma, but also easy to cause cracks in the delamination of the tread groove, a direct result of tire damage, and even puncture.

Maintenance methods: Increase the tire suction pressure of the suction truck and reduce the tire pressure in due course. Product recommendation: Many people think that it is more trouble to go to an auto repair shop to measure tire pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a tire pressure gauge. At present, the tire pressure gauges on the market are divided into analog and digital models. Both products can accurately measure the tire pressure of sprinkler tires, and many tire pressure gauges have their own deflation function. The market price is about 10-30 yuan. . However, after a long period of high-speed driving, the temperature of the tyres is very high. It is important to note here that only natural cooling of the tyres can be achieved. Do not ventilate the blood pressure or pour cool water. This will cause damage to the sprinkler tyres and cause safety problems.

Usually tire pressure does not need to be checked frequently, but the hot weather in summer suggests that the vehicle owners of the suction trucks should take the initiative to check once to prevent the accelerated aging of the tire due to ultraviolet rays and acid rain. Sprinkler tires look big and strong, but in essence the tires are the most feared for UV, high temperature and acidic rain. We did not see hangers and other plastic products in the sun exposure for some time, the original tough but most of them are very fragile, most of them will be broken. Of course, sprinkler tires will not be vulnerable to plastics like hangers, but they will also greatly accelerate the aging of sprinkler tires in the event of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, high temperatures and acid rain.

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