Sprinkler pump maintenance

March 26, 2019

Sprinkling water pumps is very important for a sprinkler, so our usual maintenance and maintenance is very important. If the sprinkler does not absorb water, follow these steps to diagnose quickly:
The first step to check the switch, first check the water pump suction and outlet switch is turned on, the pump is a self-priming pump, the first time you want to irrigation water.
The second step is to inspect the filter screen. When the water pump is not smooth, check the front section of the suction pipe for debris blocking the water inlet. Then check the inlet pipe line by section to see if there is a leakage failure.

The third step is to check the degree of vacuum, and the commonly used pump water diversion height should be less than 5 meters. Then check whether the pump oil seal is damaged. The leakage of the pump shaft affects the vacuum degree. The seal should be replaced. When the engine speed is too low, it cannot reach the When the degree of vacuum is required, the throttle is adjusted so that the rotation speed is about 1700 rpm, and the engine speed varies depending on the gearbox.

The fourth step is to check the power take-off and check whether the power take-off is working or not. The power take-off and the drive shaft can cause the water pump to stop working.

The fifth step to listen to abnormal sound, check the pump speed is normal, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound, to determine whether because of debris wrapped around the leaves of the pump can not rotate properly. However, it is important to note that the pump cannot be idling for a long time during the test. Otherwise, the service life of the pump will be shortened due to the high temperature of the pump.
When the water pump does not discharge water, if the fault cannot be eliminated after detailed inspection according to the above steps, check whether the outlet water filter or the pump body is clogged because the uncleaned water tank is too dirty for a long time.
It's also important to develop good habits. The water irrigation should be cleaned regularly. In winter, the watering truck must be used to drain water from the water tank and pump body to prevent the tank body and the pump from freezing.

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