Sugino Machinery develops a small 5-axis controlled vertical machining center

March 27, 2021

Sugino Machinery has developed a small 5-axis controlled vertical machining center (MC) "Xion-II-5AX" for small molds and parts processing, and "Mold Processing Technology" opened on April 12, 2006 at "Index Osaka" Exhibition (INTERMOLD2006) was presented. The footprint is only 1 x wide and 1.8 m deep, which is reduced to half of the old 3-control MC. It is said to be "the smallest in the industry" (Sugano Machinery). Not only helps save space, but also helps save energy.

The 5-axis control of the MC itself is not uncommon, but in the past it was basically a large device. The large 5-axis control MC has a large footprint, and the cost of plant land and facilities is higher. Moreover, the amount of power consumption and the amount of compressed gas are also high, so the operating cost is high. At the same time, the machine itself is also expensive.

In view of these circumstances, mold manufacturers and medical device manufacturers engaged in the small-sized workpiece cutting business with complicated shapes have demanded the use of a small 5-axis control MC. In the past, Sugino Machinery was producing small MCs with spindle tapers of 20 and 30, and has been considering the development of MC with higher added value.

The new small 5-axis control MC is equipped with a "cradle-like" bracket with a turntable in the center on the 3-axis control vertical MC. In other words, one side of the spindle moves in the X-axis direction of the X, Y, and Z axes, and the side of the table that fixes the workpiece uses the A-axis (the axis outside the X-axis, the rocking axis) and the C-axis (the axis outside the Z-axis). To turn. The strokes of the X, Y, and Z axes are 300, 300, and 200 mm, respectively. The rotation of the A-axis is ±90°, and the C-axis is continuous rotation. The maximum spindle speed is 40,000 rpm and the maximum C axis speed is 200 rpm.

The A-axis and C-axis are rotated using a direct drive motor (DD motor) from Siemens, Germany. The reason for using this motor is that because the tooth gap is small, "the perfect surface machining can be performed, and the program can be simplified by controlling the vector command control of the tool blade direction".

The new small 5-axis control MC is not only suitable for high-precision machining, but also has a shorter processing time because it uses a flexible and mechanical machine to cut small workpieces.

The company did not announce the comparison data of the new small 5-axis control MC and the large 5-axis control MC, but announced the comparison data with the old-fashioned small 3-axis control MC. In other words, it is expected that the current small-axis 3-axis control MC customers will benefit from the new small 5-axis control MC. Comparative data shows that operating costs and production lead times can be cut by 70% and 40%, respectively.

Sugino also exhibited a large number of samples processed using the new small 5-axis control MC. Not only molds, but also processing of medical products and spectacle lenses.

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