Summer special car care and maintenance 5 points of attention

March 28, 2019

Summer is a very special season. Cars should have special treatment. Attention must be paid to car maintenance. There have been more recent car accidents, mostly because the weather was too hot and the owners did not pay attention to car maintenance and maintenance. The weather was overheated. Tires, engines, etc., that have been on the road for a long time, are all objects to be maintained and paid attention to.

First, the protection of automobile tires, summer must pay attention to the inspection of tires, and timely replacement, in the event of tire damage, if it is in the fast driving, it will be a very serious car, pay attention to the car spare tire, especially dedicated Automobiles, such as tankers, especially large-scale tankers, will generally run for a long period of time, and they have a large load. Tires should pay attention to them. If they are not replaced in time, the occurrence of tanker accidents will affect not only personal safety but also the surrounding environment. Human life and property security. Therefore, the car tire is a key point that cannot be ignored.
Second, car engines, in the summer can best develop a good habit of regular cleaning radiators, this will improve the cooling effect of driving motives. In order to prevent the engine from overheating, during the maintenance, it should be noted that the fan belt cannot be oiled to prevent slippage and the belt tightness is appropriate. When the vehicle stops, try to park it in a cool place and open the hood to ventilate and cool. If necessary, you can use cold water to pour on the radiator. However, it must be noted that the engine must not be washed with water.  
Third, timely replacement of oil on the summer with the season, often check the amount of oil, oil quality, and timely replacement.  
Fourth, anti-fuel system failure  
Because of the high temperature, gasoline flows easily, and because the orifices expand, the flow of gasoline increases, and the gasoline easily evaporates, resulting in a too-rich mixture. Therefore, a small amount of holes should be adjusted to adjust the position of the acceleration device and the valve rocker arm, and the oil level of the float chamber should be appropriately reduced to reduce the oil supply. During the hot summer season, the gasoline fuel system is prone to air resistance due to high temperature sound, resulting in the use of an asbestos mat to separate the petrol slurry from the exhaust pipe, or using a damp cloth to cool the petrol slurry.

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