The automotive industry can not afford to focus on leading automotive recalls

March 20, 2021

The automotive industry can't afford to take the lead and lead the car recall (2003-12-30) When the end of 2003, China's auto production exceeded 4 million vehicles, from supply and demand to after-sales service, the strength of the contrast is all the time change. In contrast to this change, the differential reaction between auto makers entering the “countdown” time and space will once again be a chance to distance themselves from each other. For many auto makers, there are two things they are most reluctant to align with international standards: one is price, and the other is recall. However, one of the most direct impacts of the rapid development of China's auto industry is that prices will eventually become even more international and even cheaper, and each auto consumer will eventually enjoy such top-level after-sales safety service measures. The premise of this broad-based "do not do? Change the ventilation tube? The impact may be even greater", for this year in August to replace the Accord car snorkel may have a negative impact, the head of the Guangzhou Honda after-sales service section told reporters. Obviously, replacing parts and components on a large scale is a matter of caution for any car maker. The broad aspect stated that they set the goal of customer replacement rate at around 70%, and so far it has completed about 50%. “A lot of customers don’t have a big problem, but they don’t affect the safety factor.” People don’t come and they have to pay for the vent pipe. Of course, all these vents don’t have to be in place all at once. In fact, the vent pipe is replaced. For component manufacturers, it also requires a process. Although the person in charge of the interview did not make it clear that the issue of the ventilation pipe was a problem that occurred during the design of the vehicle or that it could be attributed to the quality of the component at one time, he stated that the cost allocation for the replacement would be made up of the wide and spare parts. The manufacturer negotiated the solution. The awareness of environmental protection of Chinese auto users has not been raised to the international level it deserves. Safety has always been their primary or even the only after-sales service that deserves attention. Under this premise, the replacement of Guanghan Exhaust Pipes has obviously become a landmark event with little cost. As Zeng Qinghong, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Honda, stated, “In fact, we are doing this, and one of the more important reasons is to cultivate customers for Guangzhou Honda. trust". Guangben ranks among the top in domestic automakers' product quality rankings. However, in the process of increasing output of 4 million Chinese vehicles in the whole year, only Guangben has adopted market measures similar to recalls. Although Guangben is unwilling to express opinions on market remediation measures taken by other domestic auto makers, some insiders said that “does not exclude those manufacturers with higher frequency that fully free testing activities have undertaken part of the original market measures or quality that should be disclosed. Improvements". “If you are facing a major safety hazard and need to replace high-cost parts, are you taking the same market measures as replacing the breather?” Regarding such a problem, although the relevant person in charge of Guangben stated that “there are very few recalls that really cause safety hazards, Although there are a few safety-related incidents after all, the heads of Kwong Yuen also frankly stated that there are discussions and worries among the top executives on whether to openly adopt market measures. Recall for all auto makers, in addition to increasing the cost burden, also creates a fatal blow to the manufacturer's product brand image. According to professional sources, the volume cost of the broad-based vent pipe is only about RMB 100. Even if all 31,000 vehicles are replaced free of charge, it will cost more than RMB 3 million. However, according to the actual replacement limit of about 70%, the cost of the hardware of KAImoto is only RMB 2 million. If Zeng Qinghong said, “Cultivate customer's trust in Guangzhou Honda”, then the cost is very worthwhile. Recall: The Automotive Industry Cannot Take Heavy Weight? The person responsible for after-sales service of Guangben pointed out that “the cost of individual repairs for car recalled products is usually not very high. The key is that these sales volume will have a huge market accumulation figure” and this is the most terrible place. That is to say, the more popular models are, the easier it is to accumulate the cost of sudden after-sales service measures. Although the initiative to replace the ventilation pipe in the broad aspect of the Chinese car manufacturers and international services for the opening of a good landmark start, but the recall cost and brand crisis is still a lot of domestic auto manufacturers can not afford the pressure. Although people in the industry have stated that the risk costs that may appear in the cost accounting of many international companies have been included, the huge short-term costs are dangerous for any automaker. The warm expectation of China's upcoming recall regulations is almost in sync with the optimistic expectations of the Chinese auto industry. Despite the fact that not all countries have a recall system, the countries that implement the recall system are mainly concentrated in Japan, the United States, Canada, and Europe. However, the natural contradiction between the recall and the overall direction of China's auto industry will encounter more difficulties and difficulties after China's strong economy starts the huge system of the auto industry. The recall system will expose those manufacturers who are planning to venture into production in the short-term, facing a serious conflict between increased costs and falling profits. Moving a tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of recalls is a huge shock to any outsider trying to enter the automotive field. However, the implementation of the recall system is an event that can be seen on a schedule for a growing automotive industry. However, within a certain period of time after the establishment of the recall system, the overall trend of the Chinese automobile industry may have the curve of restraint and retreat.

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