There is no longer a feeling of growing a doll with a greenhouse

October 31, 2019

At the time of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. In this environment, it was very difficult for the crops to grow against the cold. However, in the greenhouse, we can see that it is indeed a scene of warmth, vigor, and vitality. In strawberry greenhouses, brightly-dipped strawberries are set amidst lush greenery. In vegetable greenhouses, cabbage is alive. It is difficult to associate with the cold winter. In addition, due to the use of “greenhouse dolls”, greenhouses do not rely on feelings, but instead rely on scientific testing data, greatly improving the level of greenhouse management and The degree of refinement.

Greenhouse Doll

The “greenhouse doll” is a very vivid image of the on-line monitor for the greenhouse environment. Because of its existence, crops such as greenhouse vegetables can be protected like a doll. "Greenhouse Doll" can accurately detect the greenhouse temperature and humidity, through the mobile phone voice text messages to inform the farmers the best conditions for crop growth, provide scientific basis for the precise regulation of the greenhouse. Therefore, through the use of greenhouse greenhouse online monitoring instruments in greenhouses and greenhouses, it can be seen that it is indeed the “small assistant” of vegetable farmers and has largely solved the problem of vegetable farmers. Based on experiences and feelings, the control of the greenhouse environment is more precise and clear. The growing environment of vegetables and other crops is more appropriate, laying the foundation for increasing production and increasing income.
In addition, with the accurate and real-time data provided by the “Greenhouse Doll” as a reference, not only the labor intensity of the staff has been greatly reduced, but the labor cost has been reduced, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers has also been reduced. The development of agriculture has created the conditions for the realization of green cultivation, and has achieved the purpose of increasing production, improving quality, and increasing economic efficiency. Therefore, combining the development of China's current facility agriculture, we should vigorously promote and popularize the application of the “greenhouse doll” as an agricultural instrument, help farmers achieve specialized and precise agricultural production management, and further increase greenhouse output.

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