Three-liter machine Weichai that meets Euro 6 emissions is environmentally friendly and powerful

October 22, 2019

At the Weichai 2017 Market Technology Matchmaking Conference, Weichai publicly displayed a new lightweight diesel engine “WP3N”. The powerful data attracted the attention of the industry and professional media.
Weichai light WP3N came! Weichai light WP3N came

WP3N is a new-generation light-duty diesel engine with completely independent intellectual property developed by Weichai. It adopts a high-reliability design and has a B10 life of up to 800,000 kilometers. It is suitable for trucks, buses, construction machinery and other vehicles and equipment. Cylinder 94mm, stroke 107mm, displacement 2.97L. The single-cylinder four-valve design, power coverage 130-160Ps, maximum torque up to 380-450N.m, to meet the European emissions, the international leader, to fill the gap between light and medium-sized commercial diesel Euro six market.

Although the name of the WP3N engine and the WP3 series only one letter, but in fact compared to the ordinary WP3 is completely reborn. For example, the ordinary WP3 uses a front gear chamber, while the WP3N is a rear-mounted type; the ordinary WP3 cylinder head is a cylinder-one-lid structure, and the WP3N is a monolithic one.

WP3N technical advantages

As a brand-new engine leader, where is his strength? Let Xiaobian lead everyone in to learn more about it:

Technical advantages 1: Strong dynamics Technical advantages 1: Strong dynamics

With a rated power of 118kW, an increase in power of 39.7kW/L, a maximum torque of 450N.m/(1400-2200) rpm and a lift torque of 151Nm/L, it is a high-end light-duty diesel engine. It can provide 320N.m high torque at 1000rpm, much higher than similar products.

Technical advantage 2: green Technical advantage 2: green

Closed crankcase design, high efficiency oil and gas separation system; ERG+DOC+DPF+ high efficiency SCR technology to meet Euro 6 emission requirements; Weichai autonomous ECU, integrated control, precise high pressure injection, full atomization; replaceable paper oil filter, Common maintenance parts without metal, more environmentally friendly.

Technical advantage 3: High reliability Technical advantage 3: High reliability

With the only national key laboratory for internal combustion engine reliability of domestic companies, the reliability of Weichai products has been effectively guaranteed. Hydraulic tappet, camshaft profile optimization design, reduce the impact force of the valve and seat; gantry body, drum structure, high rigidity, wet cylinder liner, through the integrated calculation, the engine cooling capacity, reduce the engine heat load; Integral cylinder head, double water jacket, bottom hole of cast injector, high reliability.

Technical advantage 4: modular design Technical advantage 4: modular design

Plastic cylinder head cover, oil separator pre-separation, main separation integrated in the cylinder head cover assembly; oil filter, oil cooling, check valve, oil thermostat, water pump integrated in the oil filter module; internal and external oil pump rotor The main oil passage pressure limiting valve and the front end cover of the engine are integrated in the oil pump module.

Technical advantage 5: efficient braking Technical advantage 5: efficient braking

Equipped with Weichai EVB brake system, fixed on the top of the cylinder head, braking power up to 32kW/L.

Technical advantage 6: quiet and comfortable Technical advantage 6: quiet and comfortable

The plastic cylinder head cover and acoustic enclosures are equipped with two-stage balance mechanism to effectively reduce noise and vibration, which greatly improves the product's use of comfort. The rear gear unit is integrated in the rear end of the machine body to reduce vibration.

Technical advantage 7: Wide application range Technical advantage 7: Wide application range

High Altitude Use Capacity: The 2900m normal working condition power is not lost, and the 4000m power loss does not exceed 5%.

Low temperature cold start capability: -15°C without auxiliary measures, normal start, -35°C with auxiliary air intake heating system, normal start.

Technical Advantage 8: Intelligent Fuel Saving Technical Advantage 8: Intelligent Fuel Saving

Equipped with oil thermostat, speed up the heat engine, electromagnetic fan, reduce the attachment power; electronically controlled EGR valve, improve the low load intake air temperature.

As we all know, Weichai is the overlord of the domestic heavy-duty diesel engine industry. His large-displacement and high-powered models have the supreme position in the industry. But in fact, weichai's current small-displacement light diesel engine is not inferior to its own heavy-duty aircraft. Therefore, we have reason to believe that with excellent product quality, Weichai's light power will certainly achieve the same proud achievements as heavy-duty power.

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