Wuxi Fulong successfully developed the mercerized cotton skein shaker

April 07, 2021

Recently, in order to meet the requirements of domestic high-quality mercerized cotton and hank yarn dyeing production, Jiangsu Wuxi Fulong Textile Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Japanese companies to develop successful tank-type high-speed shake based on years of experience in the mercerized cotton industry. Yarn machine.

The main features of the yarn raking machine are: the winding speed is fast, up to 550 rev / sec; the groove guide yarn and the skein of the skein have no unevenness at the left and right ends, thereby avoiding the dyeing due to the uneven thickness of the skein being shaken. The yarn; its special frame expansion mechanism makes the frame shrink automatically, which greatly reduces the labor intensity; it can shake the large skein of 335g~500g, reducing the number of finished yarn connectors; using imported Japanese Fuji, Taiwan's Taian, Tiande and other brand-name control components, PLC, etc., to ensure the machine is stable and reliable; its yarn breaking sensor produced by Japanese technology, so that each yarn is broken, the machine can start the brake device, to ensure that It stops within 3~5 laps; the machine has a clear indicating device, so that the operator can see the state of the machine at a glance; the whole machine runs smoothly and quietly.

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