Yuchai 6M Heavy Machinery debuts at Dongfeng Tianlong's main venue

March 28, 2021

On May 18th, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. grandly announced the launch of Dongfeng Tianlong and Hercules in Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. headquarters in Shiyan City. Yu Ping, the chairman of Yuchai, and Wu Qiwei, the deputy general manager, attended the Dongfeng heavy truck listing ceremony.

Dongfeng Tianlong is a heavy-duty truck heavy-duty product introduced by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. for three years. It is not only the “killer” of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Market, but also marks Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle's full entry into the high-end heavy truck market and further expansion in the commercial vehicle market. Dominance.

Dongfeng Tianlong and Hercules Heavy Truck New Product Launch Ceremony were the main venues, and the design layout was novel. At the scene, six Tianlong and Hercules heavy trucks entered the venue from behind the scenes, becoming the main highlights of the venue. On the left side of the venue, Renault DCi11, Cummins 6L, and Yuchai YC6M375 three high-level heavy-duty vehicle diesel engines were on display at the same stage and became another highlight of the venue; the three heavy machines represented the main direction of domestic heavy-duty truck market development and are the future. A model of heavy machine for several years. According to Dongfeng's commodity planning, Renault dCi11, Cummins L, and Yuchai YC6M become the main power for the four power sections of Dongfeng Tianlong and Hercules series heavy trucks, of which 280Ps is supported by Yuchai 6M280, 340Ps/370Ps, and Renault dCi11 and Cummins L. Yuchai YC6M three products, and 420Ps Renault dCi11 exclusive.

The YC6M375 four-valve diesel engine exhibited by Yuchai is jointly developed by Yuchai and German FEV in order to meet the needs of modern logistics and large-scale engineering vehicles. It has introduced and strictly implemented the German FEV company's machinery development program, and has aggregated the modern diesel engine technology of Europe, America and Japan. After three years of meticulous refinement, it has the qualities of “stronger, faster, higher, and better” and is the best power for the upgrading of 9-10 liters of displacement heavy-duty diesel engines in China. Since it was launched on the market last year, it has quickly gained users' favor. When it sold more than 5,000 units this year, it was even more prosperous this year. In April-April, it had sold more than 4,500 units.

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